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  • Wahl 8180 Hair Clipper Barber Combo
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Wahl 8180 Hair Clipper Barber Combo

by Wahl Item #: WH-8180
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Wahl 8180 Hair Clipper Barber Combo. Combo includes the 5 Star Legend Clipper and the 5 Star Hero Trimmer. The 5 Star Legend comes equipped with a v9000 motor that runs faster and cooler than a standard electromagnetic motor clipper. The 5 Star Legend features "crunch" blade technology for a smooth, clean cut. Clipper blade features longer teeth and an enhanced taper for a longer throw, making this the ultimate fading tool. The 5 Star hero is a miniature t-blade trimmer that is excellent for lining and artwork. This lightweight trimmer has all the power of a normal clipper with its rotary motor.
  • V9000 motor for faster and cooler operation
  • Crunch blade technology for a smooth, clean cut
  • Longer clipper blade teeth and enhanced taper for precise fading
  • Lightweight, rotary-powered 5 Star Hero Trimmer for intricate lining and detailing
  • Durable, professional-grade construction for long-lasting performance
Unleashing the power of professional-grade grooming, the Wahl 8180 Hair Clipper Barber Combo delivers exceptional performance and precision. Elevating the cutting experience, the 5 Star Legend Clipper boasts a V9000 motor that operates faster and cooler than traditional electromagnetic motors, ensuring a smooth and efficient cut every time. The innovative "crunch" blade technology further enhances the clipper's capabilities, providing a clean, seamless finish with each pass. Complementing the clipper's prowess, the 5 Star Hero Trimmer is a versatile tool, perfect for intricate lining and artful detailing. Its lightweight, rotary-powered design packs the punch of a full-size clipper, making it an indispensable addition to any grooming arsenal. Together, this dynamic duo offers unparalleled grooming versatility, empowering users to achieve salon-worthy results in the comfort of their own home or professional setting.

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